My Current Every Day Favourites

Hi Guys!

I know the norm is to do monthly favourites but, honestly, I only seem to remember that I even have favourites in the middle of the month and can’t wait until the end to share them! So I thought I’d just do current every day favourites here and there to let you all know some of the amazing things I’ve found recently and at least this way I’m not just putting things in for the sake of filling up some space.

White Leather Old Skool Vans

Image result for Vans Leather Old Skool Women white


It seems like the world is split 50/50 between people who love Converse and people who love Vans, well, I’ve always been on the Vans side! I haven’t owned a pair of Converse for years because I find them so uncomfortable and ill fitting, especially having worked in footwear shops where I have seen all the features and benefits of practically every brand of shoe, Vans are definitely the one to go for. These are my favourite pair I’ve ever owned, they are so simple and basic but really add something to an outfit, especially if you wear all black most of the time like I do they are quite a statement shoe.

Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau De Parfum

Image result for marc jacobs decadence

I have always been a massive perfume hoarder for as long as I can remember with my first favourite being Britney Spears Curious over 10 years ago I have tried and tested a ridiculous amount of perfumes but this one tops them all for me so far. My most recent favourite before this one was Coco Mademoiselle which I was expecting to be my favourite forever as it slowly turned into my signature scent, however, I had heard a lot about Marc Jacobs Decadence but had also seen the price tag that I wasn’t willing to pay just in case I ended up not liking it! So, when I went on holiday last month, I took advantage of airport discount and thought I would treat myself and I am so glad I did. This perfume has a very rich, indulgent, mature scent with some hints of sweetness in there, next time you’re shopping I would highly recommend nipping into a Boots or Debenhams and giving it a smell, it is a perfect gift to yourself if you’re looking to splurge a little bit.

Love Island

Image result for love island

Over the past couple of months I’ve somehow been drawn into Love Island and I’m kinda mad about it but secretly so happy I’ve discovered it! I’ve never watched a series of Love Island before this one and only tuned in because my Twitter feed every night at 9pm turned into a running commentary and I had no idea what anybody was talking about so thought I’d give it a go and I have been completely sucked in, so much so, that my social life comes to a standstill every night at 9pm when I have to make sure I’m home in time to watch it and refuse to socialise until it’s over. The worst part is, it’s over in a few days and I know that I’m going to binge watch all the old series to stop my withdrawal symptoms but don’t knock it until you’ve watched it, I promise it’s more entertaining than you probably think.


Image result for chester bennington

Very vague, I know, but sometimes I go through phases where I just don’t have time to listen to music and it’s only recently I realised how much of an impact it has on my mood when I don’t listen to music regularly. I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels like this but I have grown up with music being a massive part of my life and that is the one thing that I will always enjoy and never get bored of so I’m purposely making time every single day to just listen to music and relax and it makes such a difference to my mood and my general outlook on things. I have a very varied taste in music so I won’t go through each and every artist that are my favourites but just want to give a big shout out to Linkin Park. As I’m sure you’re all aware, Chester Bennington very sadly took his life this week at the age of 41, I have always been a massive Linkin Park fan and they have played a big part in my life especially through my teen years and it is heart breaking that his music got so many people through some seriously tough times in their lives but felt there was nobody to do the same for him. I won’t talk about it too much but I just wanted to give him the recognition he deserves.


That’s it for now, thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! I’ve only included a few bits in this post because I’m wanting to share my favourites more often and don’t want to overload each post.

Bye for now!

Becca x


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