My Everyday Makeup

Hi everyone! 

I absolutely love seeing other people’s everyday makeup on their blogs or their YouTube channels so I thought this would be perfect for my first real post on here. I’m sure a lot of people would rather see an everyday makeup routine where they can see what the products look like on the skin but I’m not quite brave enough yet so I have just taken a few pictures and will try and link everything I can for you.

Brushes and Tools

I haven’t actually photographed any of my brushes because, I’m not gonna lie, they are all desperate for a wash but I will list them all below and tell you what I use them all for!

Foundation & Concealer – Superdrug B. Latex-free Blending Sponge this is an amazing alternative to a beauty blender (£4.99)

Powder – Zoeva 106 Powder Brush (£13.00)

Bronzer – Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush (£13.00)

Blusher – Morphe M179 Angled Blush Brush (£6.50)

Highlight – Morphe M495 Duo Deluxe Fan Brush (£8.95)

Eyebrows –  Zoeva 317 Winged Liner Brush (£8.00)

Step One

The first thing I do before I apply makeup onto my skin I always moisturise using the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser (£20.25) for dry/sensitive skin. I first came across this product around a year ago and it has been my holy grail moisturiser ever since. It is full of natural ingredients, as you would expect from a Liz Earle product, and is also extremely delicate on the skin. A problem I have always had when using moisturisers is that once I have applied them I am left with a lot of redness on my skin because it is quite sensitive but I definitely haven’t had that problem with this, it is extremely smooth to apply to your skin and doesn’t immediately sink in which is something I like in a moisturiser as I find this makes it a lot easier to apply my foundation.

Step Two

Next up I prime my skin using the Nyx Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer. I originally purchased this because I ran out of my Smashbox Photo Finish Primer and was looking for a cheaper alternative to try out before I repurchased my Smashbox primer, I found this in Boots for £10 and haven’t repurchased the Smashbox one since. They are both very similar products, however, I don’t believe the Nyx primer is oil free and I do find that sometimes my face can become slightly oily later in the day but for the sake of a £16 difference I really don’t mind having to apply some more powder as the day goes on.

Step Three

I then go on to use the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr foundation (£7.99) in the shaded 303 True Nude. This product claims to be a full coverage, long lasting foundation that is sweat, humidity and transfer proof for 25 hours. I can’t say I have ever worn this foundation for 25 hours so I can’t really vouch for that claim but I have worn this foundation for around 16 hours in the past without having to touch up or reapply. The foundation is full coverage and covers all my redness and blemishes as soon as it is applied, I also have lots of freckles on my face so I do tend to build up the coverage with a second layer in places. I wouldn’t say the product is immediately transfer proof as they claim but I never wear foundation without powdering my face and as soon as I have powered the foundation is locked in place.

Step Four

Once I have applied my foundation I then apply my concealer which is the LA Girl Pro Conceal (£5.00) in creamy beige. I am not one of those people who applies one concealer under my eyes and a different one on blemishes, this product is the best concealer I have ever used and covers everything I need it to. I don’t tend to have much redness so usually I will just apply this round my nose where it can be quite red, on any blemishes I have and under my eyes where I have very dark circles and this covers absolutely everything.

Step Five

Like I said I always have to set my foundation and concealer before I apply any other products and to do this I use the Rimmel Stay Matte (£3.99) in transparent. There really isn’t much to say about this product other than it my favourite powder of all time and I have been using this for as long as I can remember, it does exactly what it claims to do, it keeps your face matte longer than any other powder I’ve come across.

Step Six

Once I’ve powdered I bronze my face using Benefit’s Hoola bronzer (£23.50) which is my favourite bronzer of all time. I don’t really contour on a daily basis, I just apply this to my cheeks, temples and my jawline to warm my face up and slim it down a little bit without any extreme contouring. It’s the perfect bronzer colour in my opinion, it isn’t so warm that it makes your face look orange and muddy but also isn’t too cool to make your face a little bit grey looking, it is the perfect combination for everyday.

Step Seven

After bronzer I go on to blusher and I use Nars Orgasm (£23.00) almost every single day. It is the perfect blusher for every day in my opinion, it’s a beautiful pink colour with gold running through and a very beautiful shimmer giving your face a lovely glow and highlight without the disco ball effect that some shimmery blushers can give.

Step Eight

Next is my favourite step which is highlight and on a daily basis I use The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer (£17.49) which is one of the most hyped highlights I think I’ve ever known and I completely understand why. It is a beautiful shade that I think will suit most skin tones and has the most gorgeous shimmer, there is nothing chunky about the shimmer it is very fine and gives the perfect glow on the top of my cheekbones, down my nose and on my cupids bow.

Step Nine

Now onto the most frustrating part of my day… liquid liner. I must have tried every single eyeliner there is and this is the only one I have find that I can do perfect liquid liner and a good wing with. It’s the Loreal Super Liner Perfect Slim (£6.99) in intense black and it is amazing. It’s super black which is perfect, there is nothing worse than a liquid liner that dries grey, the product doesn’t bleed when I apply it and the thin nib makes it so easy to get a precise, straight line.

Step Ten

I then go onto mascara, after curling my lashes I use Benefit Roller Lash (£19.50) which is the only mascara that actually curls my lashes and holds the curl as well as giving length and volume. I have an awful habit of pulling out my eyelashes so I find it almost impossible to find a mascara that can do anything for my lashes and this is an absolute godsend for me.

Step Eleven

Now onto the most time consuming part of my day; my eyebrows. I currently use the Sleek Brow Kit (£8.49) in dark every single day and surprisingly I prefer this to the Benefit Browzings kit as well as any other eyebrow product I have used, I find it so easy to get the shape I want using this kit and this gives me the exact look that I want for my brows. Once I have filled my brows in I set them with the Sleek Brow Gel (£4.99) in dark brown to keep them in place all day.

I hope this has given you some ideas and some insight into some new products for you to try out!

Becca x


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