Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!

I have been debating for such a long time whether to start a blog or not, I originally wanted to start a YouTube channel but I’m not quite brave enough yet so I’ve decided to ease myself into it by starting a blog. I’ll be posting about beauty, lifestyle, music and everything else that I enjoy and hope everybody else will enjoy too!

A few things about myself…

My name is Rebecca (preferably Becca), I’m 22, very happily engaged and I work in retail management. I love beauty, fashion, music, food, travelling and everything else you’d expect from a typical blogger.

Hope you enjoyed my very brief introduction and I can’t wait to get properly started!

Bye for now,
Becca x


One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Becca & Welcome to blogging here on WordPress; I, too, had wanted to start a You Tube channel but unfortunately I have yet to whip up enough courage to do so…that being said, blogging is a nice alternative that allows me to edit what I do and do not like without putting myself completely out there. Maybe someday…

    Have a blessed day!
    ~ Authen


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